Summer Track: Twice weekly program from mid-June - early August for children age 3.5-14
Cross Country: Sunday program from late-August to early-November for children age 7-14
Winter Indoor Track: Sunday program from mid-December to mid-March for children age 7-14
Northeast Indoor Classic: Large open indoor meet at Reggie Lewis Track Center for age 5-16
Great Bear Run: Road race for the whole family held the 3rd Sunday in May.
Needham Youth Classic: Large 2-day open meet at Needham for children age 2-14 held in July (last held in 2019)
Needham All-Star Meet: Open evening meet at Needham for children age 5-14 (last held in 2014)
Needham Team Challenge Meet: Team invitational meet at Needham (last held in 2012)
Online Track: Online instructional series for children 14 and under