Q - I have not participated in a formal track and field program before. Is that OK?
A - Yes, we group children by age, experience, and goals. Both casual and serious athletes can benefit from NYTC Winter Indoor Track.

Q - Where will the sessions be held?
A - Two sessions will be held on Sunday from 9:15 - 10:20 am and from 10:40 am - 11:45 am - Sessions are held at at Babson College Athletic Center - Wellesley.

Q - Is there a cost for the program?
A - The program costs $199 per child. This includes all practice sessions, a T-shirt.

Q - Can we bring a guest?
A - Yes, at a fee of $22 per session (maximum of 2 sessions per guest)

Q - Do I have to compete in the indoor track meets?
A - No

Q - Do you accept children from outside Needham?
A - Yes - as we do for all NYTC programs and meets.

Q - What do we wear to each session?
A - Wear shorts, T-shirt, uncleated sneaker or running shoes. In wet weather, wear different footware to practice and change to your running shoes after entering the building. Bring along a water bottle.