NYTC Offers Online Track Videos in 2020

In response to the coronavirus and our inability to hold live track and field programs in Spring and Summer of 2020, we are initiating an online running video series for children age 14 and under. A group of experienced Team Leaders have been working for weeks to design and film running sessions that span 4 topics:
  • Age 6 and Under (those over 6 may enjoy these videos)
  • Sprinting (age 7-14)
  • Distance Running (age 7-14)
  • Hurdles (age 7-14)

We have endeavored to make the videos so that children can practice the running sessions in their backyard or a safe nearby locale.

There is no charge for the videos but you can make a donation at www.needhamtrackdonations.org

Our current offerings include:
Please send feedback to needhamtrackclub@gmail.com

As we develop additional videos, we will provide links
  • Here - on our website
  • On our Facebook page
  • On YouTube (search for "Needham Youth Track Club")