Q - Does the program included running the longer distances of Cross Country?
A - Yes, this year we will provide training in Cross Country, shorter track distances, and in field events.
Q - Where will the sessions be held?
A - DeFazio Field, 360 Dedham Ave. Needham MA 02492
Q - How do I know when the sessions will be?
A - It will be on the schedule page of this web site, and we will e-mail you this information.
Q - I’m on a Middle School cross country team. Will NTC Cross Country help me?
A - Yes - with another day of training and personalized coaching, topical information key to healthy and successful running, access to guest coaches, elite athletes and coaching support at selected meets.
Q - Do I have to sign up for the whole season?
A - YES - this year we have no GUEST option.
Q - Do I have to run in the cross country meets?
A - No, we will always hold a regular Sunday session, even on meet days, for those not at meets. NOTE - In 2020 there are likely to be no meets.
Q - Do you accept those from outside Needham?
A - Yes - as we do for all NYTC activities.
Q - What do we wear to each session?
A - Wear shorts, T-shirt, uncleated sneaker or running shoes, and a mask. Bring along sweat pants and sweat shirt to warm up and warm down in. Apply bug spray. Bring along a water bottle. After each session, shower and check for ticks - there are unlikely but possible.
Q - Do children have to wear masks?
A - For the safety of all (children (including age 5-6), parents, and coaches - some in high risk categories), all children, coaches, and parents must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. During the session, masks may be lowered for high intensity workouts and during recovery and water breaks.
Q - Are spectators permitted in 2020?
A - Only one parent or guardian per family is permitted to attend a session (and NO siblings or others). MA Phase 3 Step 1 protocol specifies limited or no spectators.
Every family should have a parent of guardian in attendance (to take care of their child should they become sick or injured).

Q - Is my 5/6 year old eligible for the program?
A - Yes
Q - Why is the 2020 program so limited in registrations?
A - We want to reduce risk to all because of the coronavirus and we want to adhere to MA Phase 3 Step 1 protocols.
Q - Why do age 7-14 children have to choose either sprints or distance running?
A - Again - to reduce risks, we want to group children in small groups so as to limit the number of participants that might be exposed to one another.