Fall Track / Cross Country Comes to Needham Youth Track Club in 2019

The Needham Youth Track Club is beginning a combined Fall Track / Cross Country program. The program features both Cross Country and track running and field events. Open to children age 5-14, the program will run on Sundays at 9:30 - 10:45 am from September 8 - November 10, 2019 at DeFazio Track and surrounding trails at 360 Dedham Avenue in Needham Runners will be coached not only with their running but also on timely topics such as healthy food choices, best running shoes for you, and safe running.

Runners will be placed in groups depending on age and ability. The program is suitable for those serious about their running and interested in running in Cross Country meets as well as those with a more casual interest who want exercise and to learn more about running.

Runners can run in various meets throughout the season though we will also hold our weekly Sunday session for those who may not want to run in meets.

A typical Sunday session might include
- Discussion on key topic such as
----- Food and nutrition
----- Running safely
----- Getting the right pair of shoes
----- Basic running training 101
----- Everyday exercises
- Warm up, flexibility, and mobility
- Running Drills
- Technical skills training
- Fitness training
- Recovery
- Healthful Snack

NOTE: A program for age 5-6 is being introduced this year.

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